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Easy To Install

Simply install Track Phone App on the phone or tablet that you wish to locate.

Silent Tracking

Application will run silently and send locations to your account.

From Anywhere

No matter where you are, track your family from anywhere.

Complete Tracking Experience

Specially designed for real-life situations.

Easy to Install.It’s never a problem to get hold of your child’s phone and install WhereAreYouGPS. It takes barely one minute to install and starts to track phone instantly.

Imagine the amount of anxiety and discomfort that this one minute can spare you. Just install our track phone app in seconds and get rid of your fears!

Easy To Install Cell Phone Locator

24x7 Cell Phone Tracker

24×7 Silent Tracking from Anywhere.Never be unsure or get worried about your loved ones’ whereabouts even for an instant. The WhereAreYouGPS app runs silently and tracks their location 24×7 through all types of browsers and devices anywhere across the world.

Imagine how relieved you’d feel if you could keep your partner, your parents or your kids in sight even when you or they are away!
Custom Alerts.React in real time to the situations that may threaten your family’s safety. Easily set up Alerts for Warning Area, Battery and Speed and go about your business as usual. You’ll get a warning the moment any of the parameters you set is trespassed.

You don’t need to panic or pass out when the kids are out driving with friends or your partner is late from work. Just install WAY GPS on their phone and set up Alerts.

Custom Alerts

SMS Cell Phone Tracking

Device Location Without Internet.What do you do when you haven’t received a location from an installed device for hours? Using the SMS feature, you can find out if the App is still running as well as the location of the device. If you think they’ve been going to an Internet blind-zone, no worries! WhereAreYouGPS works even where there’s no Internet.

You don’t have to get sick thinking about those horror movies when your loved ones are going to the hills, because the only eyes that those hills have, will be yours!
Panic Button.Make the world a safer place for your family by empowering them to send out a distress signal during emergencies. WhereAreYouGPS comes with a Panic Button that helps your loved ones alert you when they need you the most, but cannot call you.

Feel at ease when your family is outdoors and make them feel safer too. With the Panic Button feature, they are always a couple of taps away from you!

Panic Button on track phone application